Spanish GuitarawTreinta y Tres
¡Hola! 👋
Treinta y Tres is not only about delicious Catalan cuisine, excellent spirits and a beautiful view of the entire Tri-City – it’s also about atmospheric live music! 🎸🎶
Especially to bring you even closer to the atmosphere of Spanish bars, we have decided that every Thursday you can listen to the passionate melody of classical guitar. ✨ Such rhythms will put any listener in a positive mood. 😊 Fiery flamenco and rhythmic, passionate salsa are the hallmarks of the Dos Recuerdos ensemble, which is sure to leave you in awe. ❤️
▪️ Artists:
Dos Recuerdos is Spanish for “two memories.” This fantastic duo is formed by Adam Pietkiewicz and Wojciech Szulc, their music combines the lyricism of classical guitar with the fiery sound of flamenco.
They play compositions inspired by traditional flamenco music and Spanish guitar virtuosos such as Andrés Segovia, Francisco Tarrega and Isaac Albéniz.
▪️ Date, time and place:
Every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to at the Treinta y Tres restaurant, at 33. floor of the Olivia Star building.
▪️ Seat reservations: +48 731 334 332 |

¡Fiesta! 🥳 See you there! 👌

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