ARCO by Paco Pérez honored with a Michelin Guide Star!

❃ 20/06/2024 – ARCO by Paco Pérez restaurant honored with a Michelin Guide Star! ❃

Dear guests, we are extremely moved to announce that ARCO by Paco Pérez restaurant has just been awarded the prestigious Michelin Guide star. ⭐
Although at 33. The floor is always accompanied by incredible emotions, today they are really special.
We recall with great pride our several years in the fine dining world – a time full of passion, inspiration, friendship, but also many unpredictable challenges. Together with the entire ARCO team, we went after more goals side by side, creating memories that will stay with us for a lifetime…. 🤎🙏
And today we are enjoying our joint success. The first star of the Michelin Guide is not only the sealing of many valuable experiences, but above all, the beginning of a new and fascinating journey… We can’t wait any longer! ✨

Thank you! 🥂

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