Sustainable restaurant management practices at ARCO and Treinta y Tres restaurants

Sustainability of ARCO by Paco Pérez and Treinta y Tres restaurants – what are we doing for the environment?

  • All of the restaurant’s dishes are made on site, we make our own breads, pickles, preserves, some cheeses, sourdough.
  • Among other things, we use products from local, organic suppliers.
  • We limit losses, based on analysis we prepare dishes for the projected number of Guests that day.
  • We have upgraded kitchen appliances, reducing water consumption significantly.
  • We use only energy-efficient light sources, and obtain electricity in part from geothermal sources beneath the building.
  • We have significantly reduced our use of glass, plastic and paper, abandoning single-use packaging and maximizing material recycling.
  • We minimize utility consumption with the state-of-the-art management systems of the Olivia Star building, which is BREEM Excellent certified and has the maximum rating in the Well Health Safety Rating.
  • We cooperate on a permanent basis with HACPP auditors, with the aim of maintaining the highest food safety
    (Also by testing food samples and taking swabs).
  • We adhere to an internal decalogue containing the principles of restaurant sustainability.
  • We support local food service education by offering internship programs to Tri-City schools. We have also opened up internship opportunities for trainees from abroad.

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