Antonio Arcieri
An award-winning chef and close associate of Paco Pérez.

Born in Italy, he has a passion for Spain. He considers humbleness, readiness for hard work and respect for nature that is the supplier of the best ingredients to be the most important qualities of the chef.

In 2007, he started his career in the restaurant Miramar** with Paco Pérez, his most important mentor and teacher. Under the watchful eye of Ferran Adrià in the restaurant El Bulli***, he learned the work of avant-garde molecular cuisine, then he gained experience with Eneko Atxa in Azurmendi***. In 2016, he became the chef of the restaurant founded by Paco Pérez, with which, after a year, he won his first Michelin star.

Now he is going to manage the restaurant Arco by Paco Pérez in Gdańsk.

Łukasz Cegłowski
Cooking is his passion and his life.

He was raised on French cuisine, which gave him knowledge, a strong foundation and instilled a real culinary culture. Without compromise, he says that, for him, the taste and the pure expression of the best product are most important in cuisine. But in order to cook and to open his mind, he had to build his expertise, so he has gathered experience in many restaurants with Michelin stars, among others in La Vie***, Vendôme***, The Ledbury**.

In his opinion, humbleness and hard work are able to help you reach higher levels, think creatively and differently, and fill the gap between old and new ways of cooking.

Currently, Arco by Paco Pérez in his hometown of Gdańsk and working alongside Antonio Arcieri is the biggest professional challenge for him.

Paweł Zduniak
A sommelier in the Polish Sommeliers' Association and winner of the prestigious Prix au Sommelier title, awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy.

He is the author of an unusual algorithm of taste combinations, with the help of which he assists in choosing wines for individually composed dishes.

He gained sommelier experience working, among others, in the prestigious Sheraton Sopot Hotel, renowned restaurants such as Metamorfoza, Water & Wine and in the restaurant of Paco Pérez in Miramar** in Llança. He served as Head Sommelier at JRE Poland for several years. He is fascinated by natural viticulture and clean, undisturbed taste of wine. He values cooperation with winemakers using traditional production methods.