Safety standards at 32nd floor

Dear Guests,
We have safety measures of the highest standard, so you can visit the Vidokówka restaurant and admire the view from the 32nd floor.


You can always feel comfortable while visiting us:

➡️ all our employees have masks or helmets, all guests entering the viewing floor will have their temperature measured

➡️ we separated the gastronomic area from the dining area.

➡️ no more than 4 people can travel in the elevator

➡️ you will find dispensers with disinfectants,

➡️ we use disposable menu cards,

➡️ we use certified cleaning agents to disinfect tables, counter tops and common areas,

➡️ all access cards are disinfected by our employees using UV rays.

➡️ we purify the air with ionizers throughout the entire space,

➡️ we use a modern method of surface fogging for disinfection,

➡️ all surfaces are exposed to UV lamps,

➡️ washing and steaming glass, cutlery and porcelain will take place at a temperature above 75 degrees Celsius,

➡️ clean service cutlery is kept in hot boxes with a temperature above 60 degrees


Here you can take a deep breath, relax, enjoy the view and fantastic cuisine, safe and quiet…

See you soon!

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