Observation deck

32 floor

The observation deck on the 32nd floor of Olivia Star is an open lookout space, from where you can admire the panoramic view of the entire Tri-City. In addition to an unforgettable view, visitors can count on an attractive culinary offer, chamber concerts and other cultural attractions.

Taras widokowy na 32 piętrze Olivia Star to ogólnodostępna przestrzeń widokowa skąd podziwiać można niepowtarzalny widok na całe Trójmiasto. Oprócz niezapomnianego widoku odwiedzający mogą liczyć na atrakcyjną ofertę kulinarną, kameralne koncerty i inne atrakcje kulturalne.

Price list
20 PLN
18 PLN
17 PLN
15 PLN
Eligible for discounts:

- children over 3 /on the basis of the date of birth/
- disabled persons /on the basis of a document, which confirms the right to purchase a reduced ticket/
- school-age youth up to the age of 26 /on the basis of a valid school/student card/
- seniors 65 + /on the basis of a document, which specifies the date of birth/
- the holders of a large family card, tourist card, resident card /Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia/
- Olivia Business Centre residents /on the basis of an access card and ID/
- children under 3 / on the basis of the date of birth/
- guides for persons with disabilities

From the highest
floors, you can see
Energa Stadium

The stadium was built specifically for the UEFA European Championship, which took place in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. It can accommodate 41,620 people during league matches. Its main user is the Lechia Gdańsk football club.

Landscape Park

Established in 1979, the Tri-City Landscape Park covers an area of approx. 20 thousand hectares, and it spreads over Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Rumia, Reda and Wejherowo. Its terrain was shaped by the continental glacier and the processes associated with it approx. 13-15 thousand years ago, and its remains are both deep valleys, numerous erratic boulders, as well as a rich network of streams, a dozen or so lakes and peat bogs.

Port of Gdańsk

One of the largest Baltic ports with an area of 3248ha of land, with a total length of quays of 23,700m. It is located on the Gdańsk Bay on the Martwa Wisła. In the northern part of the port, the largest vessels that sail on the Baltic Sea can be admitted.

Gdańsk Bay

Bay in the southeastern part of the Baltic Sea, between Poland and Russia. Its average depth is about 50m, and the maximum is 118m. During heavy storms, there are waves exceeding 9m in height there. The largest Polish ports are located on the Gdansk Bay: Gdańsk and Gdynia.

Orłowski Cliff

Steep sea shore of Kępa Redłowska in Redłowo, Gdynia. This beautiful part of the coast of Gdynia, stretching for over six hundred meters, year by year retreats landward by approx. 1m due to storm waves. The cliff, when retreating, is also growing higher, as it approaches its highest point.

Oliwa Cathedral

The cathedral was founded in 1186. Throughout over 800 years of its history, its shape has constantly evolved, combining the styles from Romanesque, through Gothic, Baroque to its present shape. On November 23, 2017, the building was entered in the Monument of History list.

Oliwa Park

A historic park located at the Oliwa Stream. Its area is over 11ha. As the largest park in Gdańsk, it is a place of leisure and rest for many residents of the city and tourists.

DCT Gdańsk
Container Terminal

The largest container terminal in Poland. The only one in the Baltic Sea which transoceanic container ships from China can access. The total area of the DCT terminal is equal to the area of 100 football fields.