New regulations and rules on Observation Floor


Dear guests! ❤️

We are waiting for you on the 32nd floor! Your comfort is our top priority. We do our best to make you feel good and safe while visiting. ✌️

Please, take a look at a list of all the introduced rules that make staying in the clouds completely safe for you:
✅we have separated the consumption zone from the leisure zone,
✅all our employees will be equipped with masks or helmets,
✅only ONLINE ticket sale applies,
✅there is constant use of ionizers for air purification throughout the space,
✅you will find dispensers with disinfectants,
✅the instructions provided at Olivia Star Top will help you follow all the safety regulations,
✅we guarantee 40 square meters of space for one person,
✅no more than 4 people will be able to travel in the elevator,
✅all guests entering the viewing floor will have their temperature measured, anyone who is over 37.8 will not be allowed in,
✅we will use disposable menu cards,
✅we will use certified means for disinfecting tables, countertops and common areas,
✅washing, brewing glass, cutlery, porcelain will take place at temperatures above 75 degrees Celsius,
✅clean service cutlery is kept in hot boxes above 60 degrees.
✅all access cards will be disinfected by our employees using UV rays.

Remember, you can feel completely safe with us! We are waiting for you!❤️

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