Appendix to the observation floor regulations prohibited objects

Guests are not allowed to bring the following objects to the Observation Floor:

  1. Explosives and incendiary substances and devices that can cause serious injury or endanger the safety of people and property present on the Observation Floor, including: ammunition, igniters, detonators and fuses, replicas or imitations of explosives or equipment, grenades, mines, priming agents, plastic explosives and other military explosives, all types of grenades, fireworks and other pyrotechnical goods, smoking containers and smoke inserts, dynamite, gunpowder, explosives.
  2. Gases and gas containers, e.g. containing propane, butane.
  3. Flammable liquids, including petrol, methanol, flammable solids and reactive substances, including magnesium, firelighters, spray paints, turpentine and paint thinners.
  4. Drinks including alcoholic drinks, food products, narcotics and psychotropic substances.  
  5. Organic oxidizing agents and peroxides, including bleaches for car bodies, repair kits.
  6. Toxic or infectious substances including rat poison, infected blood, radioactive materials including medical or commercial isotopes.
  7. Corrosive materials including mercury, automotive batteries, components of the automotive fuel system that have been filled with fuel,
  8. Electronic cigarettes.
  9. Lithium-ion batteries, cars fuelled with lithium-ion batteries (including Segway and Hoverboards) except for equipment for the disabled with reduced mobility as per the Regulations.
  10. Pistols, firearms and weapons of any type; objects capable of discharging a projectile or causing injury, including: all firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.), replica and imitation firearms, component parts of firearms, cap guns, shotguns and weapons using BBs, signal flare pistols, paintball pistols, starter pistols, toy guns of all types, ball-bearing guns, industrial bolt and nail guns, crossbows, catapults, harpoons and spear guns, animal humane killers, stun or shocking devices, e.g. cattle prods, ballistic conducted energy weapons (lasers), lighters shaped like a firearm.
  11. Chemicals and toxic substances; all chemicals and toxic substances that can endanger the health or safety of people or property, including: acids and alkalis (e.g. electrolyte batteries), corrosive substances or bleaches (e.g. mercury, chlorine), incapacitating sprays and substances (e.g. tear gas, pepper spray), radioactive substances (e.g. medical or commercial isotopes), poisons, infectious or biological hazardous materials (e.g. infected blood, bacteria and viruses), substances capable of spontaneous ignition or combustion, fire extinguishers.
  12.  Paints, Christmas crackers, energy-saving electric bulbs, self-starting articles including, among other things, chainsaws and mowers.
  13. Bags, luggage, suitcases or other excessively large objects.
  14. Objects that can cause hazards for people and property on the Observation Floor.
  15. Objects prohibited pursuant to the laws in force including local laws.
  16. Objects that the Operator rationally considers not appropriate for bringing to the Observation Floor due to the fact that they pose a danger, are unsafe or due to their weight, size, shape or form, or delicate or easily broken articles.

If a Guest brings objects mentioned above to the Observation Floor despite the ban the Operator shall not be held liable for any losses or damage to such objects.