Paco Pérez
An outstanding Catalan chef, visionary and enthusiast of culinary art.

He is known for his innovative approach to Mediterranean cuisine and the passion for unique, regional ingredients. Thanks to his wide knowledge supported by talent and skills, he has earned as many as 6 Michelin stars in his career.

His Spanish restaurants include Miramar** in Llança and Enoteca** in Barcelona. He also runs the restaurant 5 (Cinco) by Paco Pérez* in Berlin and Tast Catala in Manchester. In addition, he owns 3 casual premises in Barcelona: L'Eggs, La Royale and BAO Bar.

His latest achievement is Arco by Paco Pérez on the 33rd floor of the tallest building of the Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk.

Antonio Arcieri
An award-winning chef and close associate of Paco Pérez.

Born in Italy, he has a passion for Spain. He considers humbleness, readiness for hard work and respect for nature that is the supplier of the best ingredients to be the most important qualities of the chef.

In 2007, he started his career in the restaurant Miramar** with Paco Pérez, his most important mentor and teacher. Under the watchful eye of Ferran Adrià in the restaurant El Bulli***, he learned the work of avant-garde molecular cuisine, then he gained experience with Eneko Atxa in Azurmendi***. In 2016, he became the chef of the restaurant founded by Paco Pérez, with which, after a year, he won his first Michelin star.

Now he is going to manage the restaurant Arco by Paco Pérez in Gdańsk.

Łukasz Cegłowski
Cooking is his passion and his life.

He was raised on French cuisine, which gave him knowledge, a strong foundation and instilled a real culinary culture. Without compromise, he says that, for him, the taste and the pure expression of the best product are most important in cuisine. But in order to cook and to open his mind, he had to build his expertise, so he has gathered experience in many restaurants with Michelin stars, among others in La Vie***, Vendôme***, The Ledbury**.

In his opinion, humbleness and hard work are able to help you reach higher levels, think creatively and differently, and fill the gap between old and new ways of cooking.

Currently, Arco by Paco Pérez in his hometown of Gdańsk and working alongside Antonio Arcieri is the biggest professional challenge for him.

Kasun Koralage
"ARCO team is my second family."

Comes from Sri Lanka. He found himself in the ARCO by Paco Pérez team in no time. In his opinion, the main advantage of working in a restaurant is the possibility of creating a friendly place so that you can feel at home.

He treats his current team like family and even says that it is his second. He appreciates the opportunity to learn from masters such as Antonio Arcieri and Paco Pérez himself.

Marek Rosochacki
"The most important for me is a natural product, pure form, simple and elegant workmanship."

In restaurant ARCO by Paco Pérez and Treinta y Tres, he is Head Pastry Chef. He started his professional career in a gastronomic technical college. He graduated with honors from engineering studies at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, majoring in "Gastronomy and Culinary Art". He developed his culinary art in cooperation with Michał Doroszkiewicz, in "UMAM" Cukiernia Gdańska, in the 5 * Hotel Raffles Europejski Warsaw, Atelier Amaro and Forgotten Fields Farm.

He loves the French style, simplicity, natural, good-quality products and classic recipes in a modern form. One of his favorite ingredients is chocolate. He specializes in it and produces artisanal.

Andrzej Strzelecki
"Passion, optimism and enthusiasm allows to reach higher and further."

He is a sommelier at the ARCO by Paco Pérez and Treinta y Tres restaurants. His knowledge and experience are supported by the WSET - Advanced Level (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) certificate, which is the largest international educational center in the field of wine. In the sphere of oenology, he developed through internships in wine regions such as Baden Württemberg and Mosel. He worked as a sommelier in many 5 * hotels and fine dining restaurants.

He is driven by passion at work. He believes that optimism and enthusiasm allows to reach higher and further. Such an attitude makes the profession heightened by satisfaction, which positively influences one's own development and the satisfaction of Guests. An optimistic attitude to life and work play an important role not only for an individual, but for the entire team.

Oleksandra Bondarenko
“A sommelier is not only a wine expert, but also a “wine psychologist” who helps match the drink not only to the dinner, but also to the mood of the guests.”

She is a sommelier at the Treinta y Tres and ARCO Paco Pérez restaurants.
With the help of some of the best sommeliers in Ukraine, she got to know the wine culture that she fell in love with. During the wine service, the most important thing for her is to talk to the guest in order to understand the preferences and satisfaction with the choice. In her private life as well as at work, she is open and positive, which, as she believes, is 80% of success in achieving goals.

Jarosław Jesionowski
At work, he shares his knowledge and passion, taking care of a unique atmosphere.

At ARCO by Paco Pérez restaurant, he is Head of Service. At work, he wants to provide Guests with an unforgettable experience - culinary, but not only. The way he talks about the dishes has gained many fans. His knowledge is evidenced by the WSET - Level 2 (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) certificate he obtained.

He loves sparkling wines, reading books and philosophy. He gave up the dream of Warsaw in order to return to his family city, clean air and the best view in Poland.