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Olivia Star

Olivia Star is 180 meters high, which makes it the tallest building of the Tri-City, ranked among the tallest buildings in Poland. Height of Olivia Star refers to the August events in Gdańsk in 1980, and the architecture of the top to the Olivia Hall adjacent to the OBC.

Olivia Business Centre
Heart of the Tri-City

Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious and vibrant business centre located in the heart of the metropolis, next to the Campus of the University of Gdańsk. Currently providing 150,000 sq m of the planned 230,000 sq m of modern office space for lease, the Olivia Business Centre is the largest business centre in northern Poland.

Modern space

Over 200 companies found their place in modern office buildings. Residents of the centre are both global corporations, including Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Energa, Epam Systems, PwC, Sii and ThyssenKrupp, as well as Polish companies from the sector of small and medium enterprises and startups. Residents of the centre form a unique community.

The centre has been systematically expanding since 2010, and subsequent buildings are being built at a rate of one per year. The completed office buildings: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four, Olivia Six, Prime A and Olivia Star, surround the patio with greenery and fountains. In the spring of 2018, the construction of another building began.